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Welcome to A Soul Spirit Studios the new home of Music, Movement and More (M3) ~ what a JOY this is to open a place that I had once only imagined possible. Soul Spirit is a place to experiment and push your limits. To find your true self and shed anything and everything that has been weighing you down and hiding your true essence. The world needs YOU ~ that authentic you that sometimes lives in fear.

Music, Movement and More began and still does offer classes for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers ~ I mean let’s face it ~ they are our true teachers; they live in the moment, express how they feel when they feel it and simply tell it the way it is. Part of my “job” is to help you recapture that magic no matter what your age and then strengthen the resolve to live that way.

Whether it is through moving through the chakras or doing a meditative dance or sometimes just pausing and listening to your soul, we peel the layers away and discover who really is in there! There are workshops, movement classes for all ages and wonderful body workers to help you achieve your best self. Maybe a one on one life coaching or Reiki session will help you break through. There are so many ways to help you find you!

The time is now to put you first. We are each here for our life mission and yet we often times get caught up in the lives of those around us, our kids, our partners, our family and even yes, strangers. While you are taking care of the world ~ who is taking care of you???

Come and find refuge here. Laugh, giggle, cry or simply just be. A Soul Spirit Studio offers you a place to heal & celebrate & to support you as you journey through life. Come join the party! Let me help you get out of your head and into your life … it is there waiting for you. Let me assist you please, I really really want to! XOXOX

Pamela PinterParsons

A Soul Spirit Journey

Classes for Infants, Toddlers and Pre-schoolers. Yogadance for Kids, Teens and Adults. Birthday Parties, Ladies Night Out, Workshops, Private Sessions and Energy Healing.

For more information, to book an event, or sign up for a class call Pamela at 508-277-9230 or email pamela@soulspiritdance.com

NEW NEW LOCATION – 76 Railroad St – Holliston, MA

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